What's new in React Router 4?

Teaser-Bild What's new in React Router 4?

The upcoming version of React Router - version 4 - is more or less a complete rewrite of the current React Router (v2/v3) with some new interesting features.

Some of the major changes in the new version are:

  • No more central Route config. Instead you use the new <Match /> component where ever you want to include a component according to the current URL/path
  • Using the <Match> component you not only can specify a component to render but also a function that returns a component to be rendered. Using this function you can for example implement conditional rendering (like display different components if the user is logged in or not)
  • The <Link> now can be used to render custom components instead of the standard <a> element rendered by the current React Router version

I've shown this and other changes at the React Meetup Hamburg in a short talk.

You can find the slides of the talk: here as PDF.

To play around with RR4 I've also build a simple demo application, that you can find on GitHub.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback feel free to ping via Twitter, E-Mail or a GitHub issue.