Modern React Clientside SPAs with TanStack Query and TanStack Router

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Slides und Material kommen nach dem Talk


In the React world, a lot is happening around the topic of full-stack applications, for example with Next.js or Remix. Luckily, however, the development of client-side single-page applications is not standing still in their shade. TanStack Query and TanStack Router are two interesting libraries that support us when working with typical use cases: working with (async) data and routing. The two libraries offer many features to fulfill even advanced requirements: Caching, type safety, file-based routing, support for React Suspense and Transitions, etc. In this talk, I would like to introduce you to the two libraries, which you can use independently of each other. I will use many code examples and live coding to give a practical impression of how these libraries work. Among others, we will see to what extent TanStack Query makes the use of useEffect superfluous and in which cases the new router can be a replacement for the classic React router.